Václav Zoubek

Professional bean counter
unprofessional notetaker and tweeter
Enthusiast online tinker


Hobbies are essential to one's well-being. I like to tinker on the web.


Envel.cz - old collection of my poetry. Mixture of Czech, English. Sometimes sharing poetry that inspires me

ModernFinance.eu - Blog about non-traditional areas in a field of finance - crowdfunding, fintech and P2P investments


Directoryum - current work in progress, directory of interesting directories to start your research into any subject

Krok2.cz - Lifestyle blog about music, books and TV.


I work in area of corporate finance and accounting (professional Bean counter). I'm currently working for small financial institution.

If you need to prepare yourself for audit, we can work on making your accounts ordered for external party's view

Financial analyst: I can be your translating layer between founder/general managers and accounting department, distilling any financial information you need from the information you have.

Reporting: I can prepare management reports for any department that needs

If you have entity in Czech republic or are a self-employed expat who needs an accountant, I will gladly provide you with my experience.

I'm working in Czech GAAP framework, but if you have a general need for understanding your accounts, you can hit me with a question, I'll gladly answer


Accounting and Tinkering - what else is there?

Hi, my name is Václav. I've been around the internet for a long time. I started my journey more than a decade ago, writing personal blog about web programming (I loved plain PHP and JavaScript, no frameworks included), writing and personal development. Those were the days...

When I'm not working in at my day job or tinkering with my side-projects or some hot new stuff, you can catch me reading a book, playing (badly) piano or listening to bluesrock. Probably reading a book.

If you are in dire need of book recommendation, you can browse my goodreads library. I prefer sci-fi, poetry, fantasy or from non-fiction section: business, society and economics books. I hold BA in sociology and economics, that's why.


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