A lifehack, that isn't a lifehack.

It takes a second to decide. It takes eight minutes for light to arrive from sun. It takes ages for me to do my chores - I'll procrastinate doing whatever else I can not to do some stuff.

25 minutes is an interval I stole from pomodoro. They say you should work for 25 minutes, rest for 5, work for 25... and after two hours of work take a longer break. Which is fine, if you want to.

I use it to convince myself that things will end soon. When overworked and stressed, I took 25 minute breaks to read or lie down on the floor. I wouldn't stop working in fear of a deadline, but 25 minutes? No big deal. Works like a charm.

25 minutes is plenty of time to do dishes unless you can't count your family on one hand (in that case, you have probably heard about dishwashers, right?). It's plenty of time to sow herbs and plant a flower. Read a chapter of a book.

25 minutes is a short interval to change a pace a get something done. Everybody knows that. Yet I need a constant reminder.

(I figured this out while reading through my old personal blog entries - not public anymore. I actually used this in high school. Why did I forget? Uni and the last couple of years would be so much productive had I just stick to life approach that worked.)